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Success Stories

Justin completed his Vision Therapy in the Spring of 2008. It was a lot of time commitment for our family because of the sports he is involved with. We received over the summer his OAT [Ohio Achievement Test] scores and he brought all the scores up substantially! The area he still struggles with is Comprehension. This year as a 5th grader he is so much more organized! He brings home the assignments and books needed for homework. He is able to explain the work for the night and upcoming tests – not as overwhelmed. His grades overall have improved and we are seeing less “transfer” errors in math. We are still pushing him to read and continue to work on comprehension. Overall we had a positive experience. The office was great to work with. We hope to see Justin continue to improve and gain confidence with his reading. Thank you so much!

— Barb & Todd [Justin, 10]

The VIP program has made a tremendous difference for James. We noticed a change in him almost immediately. I told Marilyn that it was like he had been underwater and finally came to the surface. He is far more “clued in” to his surroundings. He started reading all the signs, etc. around him, and enjoys reading for pleasure now. He is proud of his ability to read out loud to the family now… something he never volunteered to do before. He seems more confident socially and more able to participate in complex board games, etc. I am so glad that we discovered this program existed and would whole-heartedly recommend to others. James is definitely on his way!

— Alison & Robert [James, 10]

We have spent over a year worrying about Beth/ She was doing terrible in school (It was said maybe she was lazy or we just didn’t with her. Her father is a teacher). I was setting up appointments with doctors to have Beth tested for ADD and dyslexia. I had seen an ad in Toledo Parent for Dr. Schmakel and his program. I called. After a 45 minutes talk with Margie we were set for the next parents meeting. Wow… Who knew something like eye tracking could do so much damage to a child. After a couple of weeks we did see a change in Beth. I about cried when she said she was “seeing” things better. Over the weeks she has been a trooper. She does her tutoring with no complaints. She knew something was going to happen. Something good. The day she brought home her spelling pre-test where she missed only 3 words floored me. You might have thought she won the lottery (Beth usually missed 8 or more out of 15). Her confidence has grown. This is NOT the same Beth who entered this program and other people have noticed, too. We have a long road ahead of us to catch her up to her grade… but at least we have the direction and the tools to get there. I thank God for making me pick up that paper “even though it was expired”. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I tell everyone about this program in the hopes of helping someone like everyone here has helped us. Thank you so much for saving my baby!!! Her future is so bright now!! [She might need to buy (prescription) shades!! :-) ]

— Holly [Beth, 7]